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Newt go grovel at Trump"s feet for a job. Such a wishy washy person, no wonder you like Trump

On May 31, a unidentified mom in Houston, Texas, was horrified to find out that a man had been molesting her little girl for three years. After the mother called police and reported 33-year-old Celso Jaimes, whose relationship to her isn't clear, he was charged with sexual assault of a child but disappeared before they could arrest him. Now she's sharing his photo on social media and begging for others to help her find him. "It started very slowly when she was 12," the mother said. "Grabbing hands, hugging and it didn't progress to major stuff until this past year.".

Oy. I remember Brownie, but had no idea that was his previous job.

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If MM is worried about his job and wants to send a message, he pulls Gyorko for the rest of this game. Just no excuse.

No. I heard what other have claimed he"s asking for. His problems out wiegh his talents. It"s clear why he"s out of the job.

Planned Obsolescence - Duur: 9:05.

I think it should say, daddy want to be an alt right white supremacist with no job, a wife beater, and swastika tattoos

Ur gig with GW JG is over. Give it up and get a real job. U have no credibility ppl are now laughing at the threesome.

Lmao yeah good job no one else was in

The theme will def be my go-to Monday if Diana can walk thru No Man"s Land alone you can get up go to your desk job anthem.

A mistrial has been declared in the Bill Cosby indecent assault trial and Cosby’s wife Camille has released a comment that many people are calling intense at best. The statement was prepared and signed by Camille Cosby and was read …

I think I wanna get my whole chest tatted lmao much cheaper distraction of the fact that I have no titties than getting a boob job