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Randy Roberts is combining his bachelor’s degree from Kent State with his experience in infectious diseases to take a fresh approach to wine making.

Kent State sophomore public relations major Emelia Sherin brings heroin to life by making the drug a character in her original play.

Robert Clements, Ph.D., is developing new imaging techniques that give a 3D or even 4D look deep inside the brain and body, giving new insights to researchers and clinicians. See the video and read the story.

Bettony, and a snail. Devil"s Dyke, Sussex.

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"please leave c"ville"? how about "show your faces here again and you"ll be shot on sight"???

And we all wonder why this is allowed to happen.

I see Sussex police are trying to get Tesco to shut down the Feminine Hygiene aisle and have the whole thing "gender-neutral". The cops!!

Bill and Ted had a bogus journey in the back of my mini from Sussex to Shropshire!

HSN | Diane Gilman Fashions 08.12.2017 - 03 PM - Duur: 1:00:01.

GET ON WITH THE JOB!!! police forces across the country being undermined by these idiots. Catch criminals and stop trying to make friends!

I"m sure most police officers are just as disgusted and embarrassed as most of the public are

Well, it"s been there 1700 years and it"ll be around for a while longer - plenty of time to visit!

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Haven"t been back in Sussex county 2 hours and I"m already bored out my mind

45 and the sun-staring vp are white supremacists