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"Bhagwan Swaminarayan Na Asadharan Lakshano" Pujya Anandswarup Swami Day 01 BAPS - Duur: 43:34.

All day every day we say that, Islam says that, Qua ran says that. You need to bind those devils of deception in the name of Jesus.

Totalitarianism is a political doctrine that seeks to control all aspects of a society, its economy, its laws and government, its culture.

Islam is a complete way of life, a total civilization, not just a religion. It is also a culture and a political system of Sharia laws which establish its supremacy. There is no aspect of personal and public life that is not included in the Sharia.

1/2 Way to avoid my point. I just wanted to see if there is a shred of honesty in you to admit Islam idea is worse than christianity, but u

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So when bigots condemn Christianity you jump to Christianity"s defence I"m guessing, or only Islam"s?

And then promptly ruling over you with an iron fist, making you don"t dare denounce you conversion to Islam, lest you be killed.

Yes, I’m going for divorce: Pop singer Mila.।Singer Mila Islam।।Singer Mila Latest News 2017 - Duur: 1:41.

You can’t - I can never be a European as I’m British son of immigrants-and Asian-can’t be Asian AND European - and Islam is alien to Europe

Can say same thing about Islam and Mohammad. Are you also calling for closing mosques?

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OH NOES! You have unmasked me for the chemtrail settler monsanto white islam apologist christian that i am

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There is a mass migration from Islamic lands to Kafir lands. It is the mission of Islam to bring the Sharia into power, everywhere. There is an ethical divide between Islam and the hated Kafir civilization. It is the purpose of Sharia to dominate the Kafir civilization.

As Muslims immigrate, they immediately make Sharia demands. These demands are endless in details, but the process can take generations. We can see the centuries long transformation in the Middle East and Turkey which used to be Christian.