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United States Navy Officer Training Command, Newport, Rhode Island, currently has 6 officer assession programs.

What if theres something like tinder but for people looking for friends so its not a dating app its friendship app???

average number of dates before sexton vs o'connell

Is the iPhone X a game-changer or just a very expensive, very sleek-looking pocket computer? Here's what tech writers are saying after spending a little bit of hands-on time with the iPhone X at Apple's event yesterday.

Damn this hoe was dating a guy in the Navy and now with a dude in the Marines??? smh

A convicted sex offender, now 60 and already serving time for another case, confessed to the crime of abducting and killing two young girls forty years ago.

Looking for help dating and identifying this military naval jacket. Help!

Dating someone in the navy who goes out to sea is the first and probably only time I"ll be excited to check my email

If you hadn"t been dating a Navy Seal you wouldn"t even know about Benghazi. How many other soldiers have we lost and who do you blame?

Wow your dating someone in the navy now

No lol. He had already been in the Navy for four or five years. My husband and I were only dating for a few months at the time as well so it

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(Reuters) - Some 4.2 million homes and businesses, or about 9 million people, were without power Wednesday afternoon in Florida, Georgia and the Carolinas after Hurricane Irma battered the region, down from a peak of more than 7.8 million customers on Monday, local utilities said. Most of the remaining outages were in Florida Power & Light's service area in the southern and eastern parts of the state. FPL, the state's biggest power company, said about 1.9 million had no power on Wednesday, down from more than 3.6 million on Monday.