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Dating and relationships issues between younger men and older women.

It find it funny when girls or guys, mostly girls, cry around about their ex dating or talking to other people. Fuck grow up and move on man.

That shit so annoying it should get to a point you stop asking questions about the man you’re dating when you know the realm he’s in. If he gon cheat he gon cheat ma

Christians sure are different these days. I"m old enough to remember when a man"s reputation meant something. This guy admits to doing something that he should have been shamed for ( dating girls young enough to be his daughter ) and Christians are going to vote for him.

When A Man Goes On A Date He Wonders If He IS Going To Get Lucky. A Women Already Knows!

What a horrible man. Men with those attitudes usually justify rape dating teens.

And I agree that offers a strong reaction to Moore, who had a predilection for teens. This isn"t even about dating, it"s about a man who tried to manipulate or force very young women into sex with him. He trolled high schools.

China and Laos agreed to jointly build the Belt and Road and enhance cooperation on multiple issues including agriculture during President Xi Jinping's state visit on Monday.

They knew he was dating teenage girls as a man in his early 30"s and that behavior should have limited him to move up to the position he was appointed to. Using a background check but no common sense. This is a problem in all fields.

Unless you dating my man too don’t come out your mouth about him or what i do

You don"t care if a man who admits to dating kids gets elected to the senate of the USA? Seriously? Get help man, get help soon.