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Hand I just celebrated our 21st year of marriage. I took the 1derful year idea and made it into 21derful years. I made him a gift where I wrote a list of memories.

An entire Iraqi-American family was arrested in Wichita, Kansas, after the father tried to deposit a large check from the sale of their home. Sattar Ali supplied verification documents while depositing the $151,000 check, but bank officials had him arrested and handcuffed. Police also detained his weeping wife, 15-year-old daughter, and 11-year-old son. "I would expect this in the 1950s," said Ali, an engineer who moved to the U.S. in 1993, "not now."

John Legend"s Gift Lifted will forever be one of my fav albums

Every moment of his in TWIN PEAKS one last divine gift.

Just name a one thing other than terrorism which is gift given by pak to world? You produced butcher like tikka khan and thieves like AQkhan

WASHINGTON — Days after expressing amazement at the size of hurricanes Harvey and Irma, President Donald Trump on Thursday suddenly didn’t seem too impressed about their ferocity when asked about climate change’s impact. According to a White House transcript, the reporter’s question focused on whether the severity of the storms — which climatologists say was made worse by climate change — had caused him to rethink his views about the threat. “If you go back into the 1930s and the 1940s, and you take a look, we’ve had storms over the years that have been bigger than this,” Trump replied.

Guys, help me out. Are either of these cool? Which one would you rather as a gift?

Where does one by 2k I gotta do a surprise gift

This purse is glorious. My Dad really picked a great gift. I only owned one coach purse and it was stolen in August.

That"s an apology gift if I"ve ever seen one.

Dogs are truly a gift from God. Cute one there.

Just think of it as a gift. A very secretive gift that no one must find out about