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For those in Auckland however, there's only one place to look: close to home. Of course, that's easier said than done. In theory, Auckland dating should be a breeze – after all, this is NZ's biggest and most diverse city, with no shortage of local singles (50% of the population is unmarried according to the 2013 Census). 1 Yet, meeting someone amazing on the Auckland singles scene is no small task, especially if office romance and the bar/club circuit don't appeal. Happily, for those serious about finding a deep connection, there is a method that works.

That method is online dating. It makes sense: in recent years online dating has shaken off the stigma and, now, it's both an accepted and practical way to find a partner. Indeed, if you are looking for single men or single women who are both on your wavelength and in Auckland, dating online is ideal – not only will the right website let you be upfront about your needs and desires; it will connect you to other singles who have the same goals.

If your goals include meeting someone who is compatible on multiple levels , with whom you can truly see a future, then EliteSingles is the site for you.

Spent 4 hours in Auckland traffic today. Fuggouttahea!

Fancy that, a student moaning because she can"t afford a house in Auckland.

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Mums flight from chch couldn"t land in Napier so she"s been flown to Auckland and has to stay the night?

Weather in Auckland next Tuesday please Sue

"Gin Palace" in Auckland"s Waitemata Harbor earlier today with chopper sitting on landing pad at rear.

Not sure how Cincinnati and Auckland get in the top 10