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My goodness, you guys take common sense about people being friends or simply dating to a whole new level.

Why are u talking to guys on a dating app

I think the nastiest type of ho is the one that ends up dating all the guys in her group of like 8 friends. Likeee how can u go from guy to guy when you’re all in a little group like that. Are y’all ok??

EXACTLY!! People treat bisexuals as liars for any type of preference. Bisexual girl hasn’t had a girl in a year? “Knew she was lying.” “I’ve only ever seen her dating guys” “She says that for attention.”

Ladies stop dating married guys for fun.

A few know but haven’t got deeply involved. It’s just me, my best friend and my other best friend ( who were dating ) and the guys ex ( the psycho ) which that’s now another story on it’s own with all their relationships are

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WELL sometimes i add guys from an online dating site on snapchat and one of em saw that i was going and i wasnt interested in him so whenever he asked to hang i said no