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Help Decoding His Text Messages? - Duur: 1:35.

Ive never felt for a character on a tv show more than when Ricky realized that other guy was there for Amber. Boy Ballers can write a script

Cheers to never having sex with a white guy ever again

Maybe it"s a guy who voted for the Big Orangina.

I mean the guy your describing I assure you would go to jail for those no need to be a nazi instead maybe call the police

Just curious. Also, no one asked about the guy who works for you. Why"d you bring him up?

No one can justify what that guy did regardless if your black or white. People from both sides came for a fight and that"s what they got.

Are they just clubs for people with no common interests or what

Most *understand* why people join gangs, for instance. But the differences are very real. One is an organized political movement, one isn"t+

Todd Niesle is away skiing with his brother, so turn on your audio guide and take this tour of his apartment. It’s narrated by Debby, “a specialist in Todd Niesle,” who seems to have something of an agenda. Stephanie Janssen performs Patricia Marx’s Shouts and Murmurs piece “Audio Tour.”   Originally aired April 15, 2016  

Guy!!! Him for score hat trick

I was hanging out with my best friend, a spunky pint sized blonde, we were talking about guys. She asked my opinion about her small tits, whether she is skinny or not, I said she was so cute and her tits were amazing, when my elder brother came in and saw her half naked. I [.]

Malakai Watene-Zelezniak's 79th-minute try hands the Wests Tigers a thrilling 30-26 win over the Manly Sea Eagles, following the Raiders' comfortable win over the Warriors.

Whoever was the ref for the Supercup match was awful.

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