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There was a name for this attitude in 1920-30s Germany. It called Fascism, even if it comes from the Left.

North Korea recently threatened the tiny U.S. territory of Guam, but what is the history of this island, and what is its strategic importance?

What"s the problem in Germany?!!

Our IC. Our allies" IC. Same ones who say same entit ( ies ) tried to interfere in other elections and are currently messing w/Germany"s.

🌄 YONDER • Lets Play Yonder #20 【 Deutsch | German 】 - Modischer Spaß - Duur: 18:58.

Based in Germany? Don"t know if it"s possible 2 do an OU degree from outside the UK. Makes getting the OU degree even more of an achievement

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To compare: My history classes here in Germany about WW2 took 3 years in total, not leaving out a single horrific detail what my country did

The Nepalese government has made it a criminal act to force women into cowsheds while they’re on their periods. The ancient Hindu tradition sends menstruating females into the sheds to keep so-called “impurity” out of the home.
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Shit you only hear in Paris: I have a car, but I don"t really drive. Just for errands like getting groceries and going to Germany