Topics: Religious differences?

What are the differences and similarities between Catholic religious orders, such as the Benedictines, Franciscans, Dominicans, Carmelites, Poor Clare Nuns, and.

Vivek - this is not the first incident this wont be d last. Goons attack a poor and media with specific agenda gives it religious turn

Country"s with high levels of religious beliefs have the highest levels of corruption. Blind belief is not healthy.

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I see this graph wonder how the religious can"t see there is a problem with interpretation of Abrahamic religions-inerrant word of god??

Is it sac religious to say I wish there were an LDS temple emoji with an angel Moroni on top?

Are you not aware how religious leaders act. They came to with religious book in one hand and sword in other

Another one of those with that religious high morality bs.

Oh, I would agree with you, but not a very religious person. Kind of Agnostic here.

Religious sanction ?! Every religious structure had only had human sanction. I don"t think God would bother with such matters.

Men"s sexual appetites unregulated? Usually with a religious connotations ISLAMS ugly head rearing as mutilator and paedophiles gt promoter!

Yes she did, he held religious views not compatible with being PM were her words.