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Addressing changes to my channel! - Duur: 7:42.

Addressing changes to my channel! - Duur: 7:42.

Have you ever wanted to meet yourself and see yourself from someone else"s point of view?

If you live near a Meijer, you can grab a great deal on a Chromecast Ultra today. The grocery chain is selling Google's streaming device for nearly 50 percent off —or $35 instead of the usual $69. Meijer stores are in Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, and Wisconsin. This is Google's 4K-friendly Chromecast that rolled out late last year, but it works with all TVs. However, keep in mind that if you have an older 4K TV, the higher resolution options may not work. Your TV must support HDCP 2.2 for 4K streaming. To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

Why my cousin talking about I’m about to see what’s up wit these dating apps

Honestly I need to see reaction to Tana and Bella dating

One learning perk of dating him: interesting to see how much of a pattern movies follow in terms of release season.

Exclusive: British star adds to allegations against film mogul, describing encounter in which he wore only a dressing gown Harvey Weinstein auditioned an 18-year-old Romola Garai while wearing only a dressing gown in an encounter at the Savoy Hotel that the British actor described as humiliating and “an abuse of power”.
The actor who starred in Atonement and the BBC series The Hour, told the Guardian she was left feeling “violated”. It is the latest of allegations of harassment and inappropriate behaviour by the Hollywood mogul. Continue reading.

Perched in the 46-meter-high mostly glass cab, Zhang Yan, a tower crane operator, uses cables and his judgment to hoist multi-ton containers from cargo ships, and then stack them up on the ground carefully and firmly.

Its weird cause when i see the competition, I don"t understand how average girls could be so flaky, its crazy, even though my txt game is A1

5 New Crazy Tech Inventions 2017 You Must Have #157 (Future Technology You MUST See) [CRAZY HD] - Duur: 14:09.

Anecdotally? Get on here any day of the week and see how y"all interact. It"s enough to make women want to stay out of the dating pool.