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I hope to create a web site that will offer everything you want or could use in the way of information , pictures, resources and owners stories about their Cubs and Terriers. It will take your photo, information and story contributions to make it work. Please help create the most complete resource we can by sending your photo's, stories, links, sale items and essentially, anything you want, to me and as long as it's Cub and Terrier related, with one exception, I'll add it to the page. The exception is I will not offer free commercial advertising.

If you are a motorcycle dealer and would like to have a link to your existing web site and you have Cub parts or motorcycles for sale, I will gladly add that link. However, dealers wishing to continually update sales and specials will not be honored. This site is provided without charge to the Tiger Cub and Terrier collector, restorer and enthusiast - it is not for commercial purposes.

If you are a dealer and wish to reach those interested in Tiger Cubs or Terriers to notify them of your shop, sales, motorcycles or whatever you have that is Tiger Cub and Terrier related, contact me and we can talk about getting you listed on the Informaion Page.

Weirdest dream! Tiggs turned into a tiger, I was dating and I won £1m ( didn"t want to wake up yet )

The amount of times that Josh has to ask why he"s dating a child ( me ) is astonishing.