Topics: question regarding an attempted south african scam?

In a further attempt to cover his tracks, Marshall continued sending messages over dating app Badoo - on which the pair had met - accusing Mr Fasoli of ignoring him and apologising for not turning up, police said.

Less than three weeks after Mr Fasoli died, Marshall killed Vincenzo Iale, 67, using an electrical flex in his flat in Rome.

Jurors were shown video recorded on Mr Fasoli's hard drive of Marshall tying him up, gagging him and smothering him with cling film.

Now tell us about the ! We all know the first version was riddled with lies ! Same ! cops and politicos.

Shameful that the BBC haven"t been prepared to present the State Pension scam by the Gov"t on 50"s born women. Pay Gap simply because their female presenters involved?

You really need to be putting the link to your web site in the description. Plus in this case, a link directly to where we can see the uncut version as well.

Somehow this has got me in a christmas mood.
I suddenly have this strange craving for opening presents!
Very strange indeed!

182 pounds no winners no thunderball winners I don"t even believe there"s ever a 20k raffle winner either all these draws all this money scam a lot you"ve really messed up the British players big time at least dick Turpin wore a mask this is robbery

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