Topics: Do you share similar or different political views with your parents?

Most of the time when you make friends, you’re paying attention to what you have in common. You might enjoy their sense of humor, their kindness, their taste in music, or their willingness to help you out in a pinch. However, sometimes your friends will have political views that are very different from your own. Focusing on what you have in common, and learning to avoid political conversations will help you deal with friends who don’t share your own political views. When you do get into a disagreement, learning to patch things up will help your friendship endure.

You and I have different ideas of "heterodox" :- ) I think you"re talking about radical political economy, I am not. As for disillusionment, I have never been a liberal so I have never been disillusioned by liberalism, Whig history, or modernisation theory

No because I unlike many believe in actual liberal principles. Which means I"m willing to respectfully disagree and even get along well with people of different political beliefs without treating them like shit because they don"t hold my political views which I think are best.

Correction: The question was on the relevancy or who gives a shit about politician"s private sex life. If one builds their political platform on family values , extramarital affairs are relevant to constituents. The legality of the released photo is a different convo.

Lee from talking about the different political journeys some of our women MSPs have taken

Yep, except for government employees and political speech, which is a different case.

Your one year senior in College may have more pride than what leaders at level of Yashwant Sinha are accused of. He was a senior, he remains a political senior. PM remains a Constitutional senior, different matter.

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Mary says she wants a refund after buying tickets to see Al Porter in the Olympia panto. The comedian has been dropped from the line-up.

Key messages from Symposium : What is progress? GDP? “Politics and politicians need reflection on engrained political assumptions” Dr. Uta v. Winterfeld - We have the right to do IT in a different way: “ca suffit!”

I respect a constructive argument from someone with different political views, but not the almost hostile way people try to avoid even thinking about the country. Ignorance is bliss, I suppose.

They"re very different though lol, similar in that they"ve got a large, well-developed cast of characters and that Gintama"s got a vaguely political plotline but not much else