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According to tradition, St. David was the son of King Sant of South Wales and St. Non. He was ordained a priest and later studied under St. Paulinus. Later, he was.

So, David, I"m one of your MANY fans, what was meant by "twitter dating proposals"?? Also can we make Twitter friendship REAL someday in REAL LIFE..? ;- )


Larry David is 70 years old Curb Your Enthusiasm has him dating Lauren Graham, WHO IS MY AGE. I am personally insulted this is what"s wrong with this patriarchal s

Honestly, kind of feel like this generation had lost touch on how dating should really work. In my opinion, you should ask someone on a date and if it goes well, then keep going on dates and build the relationship, don’t just jump right into it without knowing if it’s right.

Do people who use online dating sites have access to a random-word generator, or else how do they come up with these names?

My fear has been realized! Iba kasi tlg dating ni Southj Africa! We now have our new Miss Universe! Well deserved!

So I’m probably going to get a lot of hate for saying this but I saw about 4 tweets today about a girl in the warehouse in David’s vlog like 1 this was like a month ago and 2 why does it matter, all this fandom should be happy instead of mad at this girl if she was dating one 1/2

Can you guys belive it’s almost David and Liza’s 2 year anniversary because I can’t. I swear yesterday I was freaking out because they announced they were dating