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Bungie Details New 'Destiny' Companion App, Talks High Hopes for Guided Games

One thing I really dislike about Destiny is there isn"t any matchmaking for night fall strikes. And I"m way too shy to even look for LFGs.

Are you crazy?! Everyone knows that we, the Destiny players, can"t be trusted to have real raid matchmaking! That is ridiculous to even think about. Master Luke Smith and the rest of Bungie know best. /s

Fuck Destiny 2 pvp matchmaking. Retarded fucking system letting a 4 stack with high as fuck rating be matched against 4 random new players.

Destiny 2 matchmaking. Dafuq happened to you Bungie.

Destiny Matchmaking is getting really annoying though

For matchmaking games such as CoD or Destiny, the Netduma is the only router which allows you to filter the game hosts / servers to find the best connection possible. We"ve also developed our QoS from the ground up to specifically deal with lag caused by local devices! - Jack

God, Destiny 2 has the most garbage matchmaking. There"s no reason teams should ever be matched up against solo queue.

It deserves to be emphasized here: D1 never had matchmaking for endgame activities such as Nightfalls and Raids. Hence, the100. Only within D2 did we get Guided Games. There is a lot left outside the in-game Destiny experience that is integral to the enjoyment of Destiny.

A striking example of quality matchmaking in Destiny 2 competitive. So glad I"m forced to play it to unlock my weekly

Nah, not how Destiny matchmaking works. You tried it tho lol

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Destiny 2"s Trials is ridiculous. Connection based matchmaking screws over a guy like me because I got matched against multiple clans with diamond elo 7 times in a row. I"m now down to 500 elo and am not able to play at all because I keep being matched against people with 2000+.