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The dim glow of an e-cigarette activating has become the butt of quite a few jokes about the concept of “cool.” While they’re not hip, the tech behind them is, especially when paired with cannabis. But not everyone wants to smoke their marijuana out of what looks like a Bluetooth-enabled straw. Sometimes a joint works just fine, especially among friends. So which one’s best?

Vaping, like smoking a cannabis cigarette, provides you with a pretty easy way to consume the plant. One is powered via USB port, the other with a lighter. They’ll both get you high.

Ah, vaping. The future of enjoying cannabis. Vaping, either with cannabis oil in cartridges or ground up cannabis flower inside a heating chamber, heats the cannabis without burning it, vaporizing the active ingredient and getting you high.

Who knows how ma pals make it into their exams on time cos anywhere else they would be late

Can"t believe tonight is probs gunna be the last time me and all my closest pals will be together :- (

Is it possible to find pen pals in todays modern world? I find that I can go weeks without speaking to anyone in a meaningful way and my social anxiety is going through the roof. I think a pen pal would be a good way to start interacting with people again without having to worry about the social fears I have. Is there a site or place I could go to find pen pals? Especially ones gentle to shy people who would like to open up to others but take time to do so?

When ur pals tellin u it"s time to go home but you"ve jst cracked another bottle x

Happy sunny Saturday, pals!! Time for VT adventures with

Have absolutely no time for people who are like "cant believe people go out every weekend" like we get it you"ve got no pals hush up

Have a good time pals, love Jessie xx

Hate them pals who say no to every suggestion made when it"s time to do something fun. Alright mate just 4 u we"ll go sit in church instead

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A new assessment tool guides users toward ventures and business models that are a more natural match for their inherent personality traits.

Was amazing Ryan. Our guy and his pals had the best Friday night in Edinburgh of all time

Hi! My name is Joseph. I m 22 yrs old from Owerri. Just looking for friends. I love meeting new people! Some interests are reading, cooking, traveling, music, drawing, and of course chatting. Open to email, or tweet me at @lewis_jaziejay and if you re on Instagram, @Jojo_1ndar. Thanks!

Time to tell big pharma and your insurance lobbyist pals that their standard of profiting from our suffering WILL END.

Dating Quotations To Entertain and Inspire You! An Article by Jamie K Greenesh and Exclusive to Whatever activity you’re involved in, from video gaming to dating, it’s always good to hear what other people think and to find out what others are saying. Here at we like to keep up with what people [.]

Time sensitive night out me ur pals can"t even pre at the right time

Getting older is so shit you have to work all the time and never get to see your pals, I didn"t sign up for this

Karaoke night with the work pals is always a good time

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