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Orlando Bloom is every inch the doting dad as he whisks six year old son Flynn off on holiday - Duur: 1:24.

Orlando Bloom is every inch the doting dad as he whisks six year old son Flynn off on holiday - Duur: 1:24.

In this society a lot of companies just won"t risk giving a second chance to people who have made a mistake in the past.

I don"t know who"re you

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It"s just become a big clown act. People w/ money, I"m sure you"d agree, aren"t necessarily the ones who should hold positions of power?

From my experience cheating women grey men who don"t question them and gradually over time slip in lies to cheat but tell truth 80%+ of time

Women who don"t think like feminists do are harshly criticized.

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If you don"t do the things you can"t do you will never be more than who you are now

Who are you to tell anybody about their marriage? You haven"t been in one for years, and blew your settlement.

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Black Veil Brides — американская метал-группа из Лос-Анджелеса , основанная в 2006 году. Отличительной чертой группы является необычный сценический образ, вдохновленный Kiss , Mötley Crüe и другими глэм-метал -артистами 1980-х годов.

Guess Who Pulled Up !!

It is Barbz who try to go in on Remy for doing a lot of music with Fat Joe. They skip the fact that Nicki has alot of features too.

The future of health care in America hangs in the balance as the Senate releases a revised bill to replace the Affordable Care Act. David Remnick talks with the historian Jill Lepore, and with Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, an architect of Obamacare who has met with the Trump Administration, about the future of expanding coverage.