Topics: How do you start dating online after a divorce and being married for 30 years?

 I can’t even imagine how difficult it would be confronting a cheater. “Um, honey…(in that walking on eggshell tone), can I talk to you?” Brutal! Unfortunately, I have heard countless stories from both men and women who have con.

I've never really written anything about divorce prevention, but I think this article I wrote, which was published in the Chicago Tribune Pioneer Press is about the closest.  I truly believe that relationships need to be nourished. I'm not saying.

I usually offer a sad smile when someone says, “I’m going through a really bad divorce.” I mean, is there any other kind? No. Getting divorced is no picnic. It's a war, in many cases, and you feel like you are trying to come to agreements with.

I think a "amicably divorced parents" thing with Ivy and Swampy would be brilliant, even if you didn"t call her Orchid

Site Name: Dating Disasters and Delights Site URL: Twitter: 413 Followers A little about Dating Disasters and Delights Jillian is a divorced mom of teenage twin boys who has yet to go gray (knock on wood)! She is eternally optimistic that love is waiting just around the corner and writes about her search […]

Divorced Parents need to be mindful of the children's feelings and emotions when they start dating again. Here is a list of 10 things to consider.

By Bill Schacht, MS, LCSW Monday night’s CBS episode of “The Bachelorette” highlighted lady-in-looking JoJo Fletcher’s day-long  visits to the four remaining bachelors’ homes and families.   Throughout this show’s process, JoJo has demonstrated poise and wisdom engaging the men in … Continue reading →

I never want my kids to have to choose between houses for holidays, live out of a suitcase, or experience divorced parents.

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Name: Liv Question: I’m in my 40s and have done some online dating with limited success. I tend to stop communicating when I see red flags. I wonder if this is one: I’ve corresponded about 3x with a guy, late 40s separated. We’ve had a bit of a lengthy conversation about interests, passions and background. […]

I don"t really need to read a relationship blog from a chick who"s been divorced twice.