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Astudy has shown that pilots of drone aircraft experience mental health problems much like those of pilots who are deployed to war.

Nigerian Airlines should give up serving in flight meals! Inedible grossness!

Girl! The tickets plus the flight+ hotel it"s too expensive and I"m moving so I"m trying to save money lol but yeah I need them to hurry up

My flight: 10am. My dad wakes me up at 5am telling me to hurry up. all the time

You guys have to be kidding me with this delay had to wake up at 5am to find out my flight doesn"t leave until 11am

A bit of a catch up, just moved from one end to the other, now from 09.

Of course I fall asleep half an hour before I need to get up. Even though I have myself 3 hours to sleep 10 hour flight home


Was contemplating on holiday but woke up from a drunken night to a booked flight. Dont say drunk robyn doesnt get shit done

Aye i was in the parking lot at work a white flight attendant pulled up in her BMW bumping Tupac I Ain"t Mad At Cha I had to Look back

Basically every seat in first class is open so I"m gonna see if a flight attendant will let me move up =3

I don"t want to have to ask someone to move if I had to get up and walk around during the flight.

All passengers on that flight get free JAL lounge access too. Eat ( and liquor up ) in there, then sleep on the flight. Can’t wait to try it!