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Money is needed to make music moves. Jon and the slim Kogi lady don"t have any backing. Bisola has been visible "cause she leveraged her MTNPF connection to get a mgt. deal with Temple, and work with TY Mix ( likely at a discount ). Efe has 3 singles out, "cause he won the money.

I’m assuming it’s something like that people are saying after school bc heaven is the name of one of their japanese singles and it’s mama in japan but idk

I decided to buy Cam"s CD Confessions of Fire around that time, and I thought that album was complete trash! The best songs were the singles, that basically had TV theme beats and Ma$e on the hooks.

So Fifi Cooper must perform only her new singles and take that money and pay Ambitious

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Supernova eyeshadow, concealer, fairy floss lip gloss, clear brow gel, 2 eyeshadow singles and a reup of my favorite brown pencil in the shade pitch

All night is a single. Havana and omg? They were promo singles being treated like they were singles. Are there any other promo singles on that playlist?

Is the album all new songs or some new and some of the singles we already got?