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Valve's interest in the Defense of the Ancients property began when several veteran employees, including Team Fortress 2 designer Robin Walker and producer Erik Johnson, became fans of the mod and wanted to build a modern sequel. [32] The company corresponded with IceFrog by email about his long-term plans for the project, [33] and he was subsequently hired to direct a sequel. [34] IceFrog first announced his new position through his blog in October 2009, [35] and Dota 2 was publicly announced by Game Informer in October 2010. [36]

In total, professional Dota 2 tournaments had earned teams and players over $100 million in prize money by June 2017, with over half of that being awarded at the International tournaments, making it the highest earning eSport game by a margin of nearly $60 million. [116]

Valve просто не перестают удивлять своих фанатов. Уже совсем скоро, в очередном крупном обновлении, нам презентуют то, что наверняка большинство игроков так ждали. Больше не будет жалоб на то, что в тиме раки и т.д., ведь в Dota 2 приходит Ranked Matchmaking!

тупо рандом, все зависит от того, куда больше отсталых накидает. сейчас так вообще людей во время инта мало плеит и одни и те же рожи нон стоп, которые держат обиды друг на друга за прошлые игры и по этой причине руинят с 0.

тупо рандом, все зависит от того, куда больше отсталых накидает. сейчас так вообще людей во время инта мало плеит и одни и те же рожи нон стоп, которые держат обиды друг на друга за прошлые игры и по этой причине руинят с 0.

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Does anyone at DakkaDakka even play it? I'm surprised there isnt a thread about it already. My username is JohnnoM is anyone wants to add me.

Трофеи — это записи внутриигровых достижений игрока, полученных за выполнение квестов и участвуя в событиях. Собирая трофеи, начисляются очки и Dota уровни, которые разблокируют новые иконки для профиля игрока.

Abazigal.3679 said: Let's say we went from an extrem to an other. I'm pretty sure you remember those ( many) players top100 with less than 20 games played( we could even say 100 actually ). It was way too volatile, and in 1 day of bad luck, you could drop 500 ranks..

Now the problem might be for team queue players, which probably have the same issue i posted, which is getting +1 point only for any win..

Infact with confidence we can say it is The Garbage Capital of Kerala.Ranked 350+ in cleanliness index and highest no of Dengue

[DOTA 2 LIVE] RANKED MMR 8K - Duur: 1:02:27.

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Fivedawgs.4267 said: Simply put:

You are wrong, every competitive game uses a 50/50 algorithm. Ranked last season, wasn't survival of the fittest, it was 66% hot join and 33% competitive. You had 3 ways to progress ( 5 vs 5 10 vs 1 or 1 vs 10, in short X vs X). I agree, people are going to have different opinions but at least make sure your opinions are based on facts. You still dont know how the S2 algorithm worked (or you wouldn't have called it survival of the fittest). And please, do your research on the S2 algorithm

With this update we release a fixes for a few technical issues we saw after the latest patch release.

Notable Fixes

  • Fixed: An issue that prevented some users in rare cases from progressing through the tournaments
  • Fixed: An issue where one player jumped out of the court and the match could not be continued
  • Fixed: An issue where a user with too many unopened packs could end in an endless loading screen

If you're experience any technical issues, please send us an email describing your problem to

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Top ranked Pollys Gold placed 5/2

Аккаунты с высоким MMR позволят играть Ranked Matchmaking с адекватными, опытными тиммейтами и соперниками, что очень важно при игре в соло.

На графике видно, что основная масса аккаунтов (68%) находится в диапазоне от 3000-4200 Solo MMR.
Чем выше MMR аккаунта - тем меньше игроков такого же уровня. Зарабатывать победы сложнее, виннрейт стремится к 50% - то есть к балансу системы. Поэтому цена на аккаунты с более высоким MMR увеличивается чуть ли не в прогрессии.

Let me add my two cents.
Option for rolling war with increased fairness disregarding time taken to find a match.
One team can opt for increased fairness and another not and still end up fighting eachother if they are around the same level.
As far as what is fair, more or less the same level of monsters under the restriction as a main factor and to a little lesser extent, average rune power - excluding gold and team gold runes (of all monsters, not just under restrictions).