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Emily Maynard is hot American bachelorette from TV show. Check out all her 2014 body measurements, including bra size, weight, and height.

Dating tip. Don’t tell them you are trans before the first date

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Dating tip, homosexual panic has been recognised as a mitigating factor in homicide - for a reason - be careful Mr Maynard

It"s not the of years that makes a large age gap problematic. It"s the life phase. Dating someone who"s maybe never had a real job? Yikes.

I"m 30 and thinking about dating a 22-year-old feels skeevy.

Was Gregg Jarrett out of his gourd on "Hannity" tonight or what? Because Moore cannot recall every detail of dating a legal in AL 17 or 18 year old 40 years ago we must conclude he sodomized a 14 year old? What kinda B.S. witch hunt "logic" is that?

Dating someone young who hasn"t had time to develop, make the same mistakes or establish themselves the way you have? Boo. No. Predatory.

If he likes someone do it and do be afraid. I shamed his manhood not his dating preferences