Topics: Are white people becoming the leaders of the drug world?

The Mexican Drug War (also known as the Mexican War on Drugs; Spanish: guerra contra el narcotráfico en México) is the Mexican theater of the United States' War on.

Why is guac extra at chipotle because avocados are being bought out by drug lords in Mexico but that"s

Trump said Mexican drug lords are throwing 100 pound bags of drugs over the border with catapults

It"s Our Lady of Guadalupe warning Mexico to repent or be consumed by evil drug lords

Those are chapos sons and Mayo Zambada. Some of the biggest drug lords in mexico sending planes and trailers full of medications and food

Tom Clonan is best-known as a security analyst but he’s also become a very vocal advocate for the rights of people with disabilities. Today,he spoke with Ray about his son and the future of those who are disabled. 

To be fair. Muslims are probably not as intelligent or clever as Mexican drug lords.

Mr Obama, maybe next time don"t send a whole shipment of guns to Mexican drug lords and then lose track of the guns?

Jeremy Corbyn has said there will be "a lot of movement" of EU workers after Brexit if the UK wants a successful trading relationship with Europe.

Apparently Mexican drug lords are using the same catapults and seige engines from the middle ages.

I just watched a visit New Mexico tourism commercial and I have an erection

2 ) He said that Mexicans coming into america are bad hombres , insisting that all hispanic-mexican people are drug lords and stealing jobs