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The Tavern by George Martin, a gastropub with a broad selection of American favorites, has succeeded the GM Club Steak in Rockville Centre, which is no more.

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You don"t trust the fruits of your own judgment, so you"re appeeling to me?

Las Vegas Sheriff Joseph Lombardo told reporters Friday that police now agree with information released yesterday by MGM Resorts International and that Stephen Paddock shot and wounded a security guard in the Mandalay Bay hotel hallway around the same time he began to shoot at the concert crowd.

Me when I wake up at 1pm and sleep at 1am

Kids for sale: My mom was tricked , Kim Jong Un looking for info on Trump, Man beaten by white supremacists in Charlottesville is arrested

If social security is going up 2% in 2018, why did they send me a statement that the increase is zero%. Anyone else get that statement ?

Tapping into the nostalgic memory of shoppers everywhere—and possibly serving as a stealth training course for a future where quickly scavenging from the shelves of ransacked grocery stores is a survival skill, and not just game show fantasy—it sounds like Supermarket Sweep is finally coming back. Fremantle Media …Read more.

Get yourself someone who looks at you the way me and George look at each other

Literally me :/ message me x

Me and George are watching Shrek 2 and eating roast potatoes

MAY THE LORD BLESS NFL Partners With George Soros to BRING DOWN Trump. why dont we stand up and take this country back. i nothe. half time shows.

I had a thing for this guy, he showed me this song and we had this connection chemistry idk, shame he’s in the closet