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The Japanese tea ceremony , also called the Way of Tea , is a Japanese cultural activity involving the ceremonial preparation and presentation of matcha (抹茶), powdered green tea.

In Japanese , it is called chanoyu ( 茶の湯 ) or sadō, chadō ( 茶道 ) , while the manner in which it is performed, or the art of its performance, is called (o)temae ( [お]手前; [お]点前 ). [1] Zen Buddhism was a primary influence in the development of the Japanese tea ceremony. Much less commonly, Japanese tea ceremony uses leaf tea, primarily sencha , in which case it is known in Japanese as senchadō ( 煎茶道 , the way of sencha) as opposed to chanoyu or chadō; see sencha tea ceremony , below.

Tea gatherings are classified as an informal tea gathering chakai ( 茶会 , tea gathering) and a formal tea gathering chaji ( 茶事 , tea event). A chakai is a relatively simple course of hospitality that includes confections, thin tea , and perhaps a light meal. A chaji is a much more formal gathering, usually including a full-course kaiseki meal followed by confections, thick tea , and thin tea. A chaji can last up to four hours.

Exhibit hall opens in 90. Looking forward discussing solutions with leaders in Healthcare

BROOOOOOO Manda has me cryinnnggg in this damn lecture hall I cannahhh!1! ppl looking at me crazy I"m pissed

Looking forward to it! The hall will still have ghosts of valkyries lurking from Sunday!!

It may be overcast today but the new carpet and lounge furniture in Peabody Hall is looking bright!

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Moero Chronicle - Opening Movie (1080p) - Duur: 2:01.

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Advanced Reading and Writing 120 часов 5 дней в неделю
( С Понедельника по Пятницу)
Эта программа предназначена для освоения навыков чтения и письма, повышения критического мышления, а также для улучшения академических навыков, таких как вывод, обобщения, заметки и сдача теста.
Стоимость одной сессии составляет 590 долларов (для студентов, получающих визу из-за рубежа, первая сессия 890 долларов).

TOEFL Preparation class 120 часов 5 дней в неделю
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Программа нацелена на подготовку к экзамену TOEFL (Test of English as a Second Language)- экзамен, требуемый для поступления в любой американский университет или колледж.
Стоимость одной сессии составляет 590 долларов (для студентов, получающих визу из-за рубежа, первая сессия -890 долларов).

FYI DNCE"s Indonesian fans, we will gather in front of the venue: Jiexpo Hall C3. Just in case you"re looking for acquintances

The new AIMS student lounge in 303 University Hall is looking great. Looking forward to seeing it filled with students.

Looking forward to this. He was great at the rocknroll hall of fame.

Any congressman who has a Town Hall without screening for Zip Codes in their district ( especially in California ) is looking for trouble !

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Указом Президента Российской Федерации от 5 апреля 2016 г. № 156 “О совершенствовании государственного управления
в сфере контроля за оборотом наркотических средств,
психотропных веществ и их прекурсоров и в сфере миграции” Федеральная миграционная служба Российской Федерации упразднена.
Вы можете воспользоваться сайтом Главного управления
по вопросам миграции Министерства внутренних дел Российской Федерации, доступным по следующему адресу:

Looking down at the Great Hall on Ellis Island

Officially enrolled our 100th new student today at Oak Hall!! Looking forward to a GREAT year.