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Pretty girls are overrated. All they do is leave you on read and wonder why they can’t find a nigga who’s down for them.

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The reasons I find girls pretty and terrifying are literally the same fucking list

Roy Moore has long been a weird and terrible person. Professors say how he can’t use common logic. Common knowledge he went to High schools and malls to find teenage girls when he was in his 30’s. Should t be In Senate but should be in jail.

I find girls who wear their boyfriends/husbands military issued clothing repulsive and disrespectful like that’s not okay lol

Ok Again today another lady came out with a request to a congressional hearing on what happened to her done by Moore. His coworkers at the DA"S office have come out to say they were aware of him dating teenager girls in the 80"s. How many will it take for you to find your Morals?

True but it was treated by the media and rep establishment in the same manner. But anyway. Truly hope this is not true and these girls didn"t have to go through this but also hope we don"t find out a yr from now that this was all political! Have a good one man!

Idk why some girls find it so hard to cater to their man, baby if he doing everything right I’m giving him the world and some

REASONS WHY WE SHOULD FUND NASA: We might find a planet full of Cat Girls