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Grand Theft Auto 4 Crazy Bug - Duur: 1:53.

Grand Theft Auto 4 Crazy Bug - Duur: 1:53.

Anyway, sorry you lost your work, hopefully you can find an auto-incremental save for your tools of choice. Saved my butt before.

Breaking News: Drum roll ( couldn"t find drum emoji ) "Lost his phone in an Auto Rikshaw" All is well! He is Alive!!!

The Nintendo Voice Chat crew is back from Germany and goes in-depth with Rabbids (spoiler: it's great!), breaks down all the new game announcements from the Nindies event, and laments SNES Classic and Miiverse struggles.

It felt great to just play some mind numbing Call of Duty tonight. When straight into auto pilot and just got lost match after match.

Would you rather live in AOT and be poor or live in Boku No Pico and witness every sex scene?

Consumer expert Clark Howard shows you practical ways to save more, spend less, and avoid getting ripped off. His nationally syndicated radio show takes your calls and brings you the latest consumer news and money-saving advice.

A year after Microsoft published Dead Rising 4 as a timed-exclusive on Xbox One and Windows 10 PC, the game is coming to PlayStation 4. Dead Rising 4: Frank's Big Package launches on Sony's console on 5th December 2017, Capcom said. This special edition includes the main game as well as all other previously-released content. There's a Capcom Heroes bonus mode, which lets Frank West wear over a dozen outfits and perform special attacks inspired by classic Capcom characters. Read more…

U.S. President Donald Trump has sent lawmakers a $7.85-billion US request for an initial down payment for Harvey relief and recovery efforts.

Miami Police Chase (April 01, 2016) - Duur: 16:34.

The lost communication skills when threat uttered. He went auto mode, the other 2 made no move to apprehend, he acted unilaterally.

Four days before Chicago Public Schools opens classroom doors, Chance the Rapper made a theatrical appearance to announce that the $2.2 million raised by his nonprofit organization will be doled out to 20 schools for arts education programs. "Quality education for public schools is the most important.