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And also, the embarrassment of Scottish Labour and Tories both raging at the good Scottish economic news last week. You couldn"t write it.

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Our book, WRITE MORE GOOD, is the new game changer in town.

I actively try to be kind. I can write nice songs and reasonable stories. I"m a good auntie.

Good, a lot of so called journalists pimp themselves to billionaires and get told what to write. That"s not journalism, a conscious choice.

Good opinion write by Steven Greenhut.

Indoctrinated fools howling at the moon might make a good politically themed jazz album but it sounds like something a stoner"d write.

But the boy has a pretty good handwriting. Maybe he should write a book like Bana.

Well done Ian Wish we were as good at our fundraising for Here"s our new book, still to write our crime thriller!

Lol jewelry is all good if it"s not out of control.

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I"ll spend my life penning my song, and the verses I write, Will speak for me. Good boys don"t make history

No, thank you for saying good things. It"s nice to have the head-space to write again. Even nicer when people enjoy it.

Update: The $10 discount was good while it lasted, but these are back up to $19. Still, at that price, these are well worth it. Read more.