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Looking for funny sayings about dating or funny things to say during the date ? Read through the list of sayings about dating below.

Miss, it won’t work between us. The way you want it to be I can’t do any longer and the way I want you wouldn’t like.

Remember, if a girl gave you a key to her heart; don’t be so lucky, tomorrow she will change the locks.

Learn from your parents mistakes – use a condom!

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I think we have a blog buddy match in my group already. This is better than online dating :D 3

Emily Flake, a cartoonist at the magazine, relaxes by falling into eBay wormholes. This week she shares some recent finds: “The Importance of Living,” a popular philosophy text by Lin Yutang, originally published in 1937, and a 1949 issue of the magazine Holiday, which she loves for its beautiful illustrations, its generous format, and its distinctively readable tone, which she describes as “between chummy and erudite.” This segment originally aired on Feb 24, 2017. 

DANCE IS SPORT and this week the BRITNEY SPEAR'S "PIECE OF ME" Dancer joins Jaclyn to talk what it takes to achieve your goals! The longtime friends discuss Sarah's credits including being a NY KNICKS CITY DANCER, NE PATRIOTS CHEERLEADER, and working w/ Christina Aguilera, KATY PERRY, PITBULL, NE-YO, 50 CENT to name a few. SARAH is also the 1st WYJP guest that has a SUPERBOWL RING! She tells Jaclyn what is was like performing at the VMA's following BEYONCE' last year and gives great fitness and health tips for maintaining a strong sexy body!

2011: Breaking All the Rules - 10 Yea. 2:17
Will Ferrell and Adam McKay reflect on Billy Crystal's 'When Harry Met Sally' sequel, Don Cheadle's 'Captain Planet' and Will's reprisal of George W. Bush.
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Click to view (11 images) Photo: weheartit If you love Lenny Kravitz, you re going to love this roundup of all the reasons why women love him, including the hottest photos and gifs of this sexy, sexy man. Enjoy! Keywords: Lenny Kravitz, music, social media, super bowl, celeb, sexy pictures, GIFsread more