Topics: what is hook-up and commissioning (oil and gas industry)?

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Haha I might end up drawing this anyway, but if you want it with your characters and end up commissioning anyone! The idea is there for anyone to use! ^^

Commission for ! Thank you for commissioning me. Going to finish up the second one tomorrow!

Hey are you up for commissioning? I would like to use your services for our game , we have a wonderful idea!

If I opened up commissions, would anyone be interested in commissioning me?

Nice to see commissioning Irish comedy. Up with that kind of thing! Well done all! I"ll be tuning in next week.

Emm. Not so sure about all of that BUT if you are angling for a "remake" then perhaps best to set in space, include a wizard and also sex it up. Otherwise, might a metaphorically similar Light Brigade outcome - in terms the commissioning.