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Hook-up or hook up has several meanings: Making a connection between components in a system An electrical connection; An electrical connector; A connection to water.

Still not quite up on my Russian slang ) ) )

There"s a frog in my throat. Slang for phlegm build up or euphemism for blowing a French man. You decide.

Студенты престижной частной школы на Манхэттене впервые узнают, что Серена Ван Дер Вудсен.

Direct Selling - Duur: 7:26.


I"m up for anything -- Me apunto a un bombardeo ( slang )

Maybe I"m old school but I really don"t understand all this 21st century slang people come up with

best dating site for sex discrimination medicine in spanish

I was tryna go with the flow so i just speak in chinese accent end up he dont really understand plus with english chinese slang thingy

I pick up so much Atlanta slang whenever I"m over here

I hate when I pick up someone else"s slang and then we don"t talk anymore so when I use it i get all sad

You cannot use any type of slang with Erica man lol she will not pick up on it

So up Ready 2 Slang Dese Grams.