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He probably was texting for the five days and then was like, “Wow, this is really time consuming and distracting from… the rest of my life!!!”

Do you have a texting etiquette ?

Jason Fischel needs charmed school for texting-back etiquette

Parents should be required to take a class for proper texting etiquette.

Social Media : It"s hard to have a meaningful discussion via text message. 4COL call the person.

Text my hotel front desk for an iron 15 mins ago and no response. Should I have put ( tb ) - what"s the etiquette on double texting a hotel?

It is bad texting etiquette to text someone who doesn"t know your number and not mention your name.

Texting etiquette for a girl who thinks it"s ok to carry a conversation on two weeks later

My mom needs to understand texting etiquette. When YOUR daughter asks how YOUR mother is you respond! Or you get the next day!!

Poor texting etiquette is one of my top pet hates. People who don"t respond to simple things, or take days/hours grind my gears.

What"s the etiquette when someone is texting in a triyoga class?