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American Flag: Blank: CARR Logo: Checkered Flags: Christian Fish Eagle: Fire and Rescue: Horse: Jeep: Law Enforcement Motocross: MY TOY: Pick-Up: Quad: Reflector SUV

OLLIE 57ft CRUISER STERN 2008 £54,950 - GBP 54,950 - Duur: 1:05.

Lowkey nervous to train with marines tomorrow

This picture has nothing to do with human rights, its american marines capturing Iwo Jima

Marines great discipline to operate with a good conscious in actions, trained to do so, and to act honorably. Terrorists have no conscience

Hey Mrs.Torres! It"s going great I think crappy weather and stuck doing check in with Marines

: an excellent plan, best wishes! I work with many former Marines, great people. We hope you join us down here!

I"ve never been so pissed over a photo before. Marines didn"t die at Iwo Jima for our American flag to be replaced with that rainbow shit

Is the guy who says the few. The proud. The marines Nate from How to Get Away with Murder!?! Need answers

Right now my plan is to get a university degree, then join the marines. With a useful degree and military service how can they say no?

Chronologic history of female warriors, military commanders and duelists “Emancipated duel” between Princess Pauline Metternich and the Countess Kielmannsegg