Topics: Do you need a computer to hook up xfinity internet?

Whether you bought a new router, or are leasing a new one from us, we’ll have you surfing the web in no time. You can hook up to 4 computers directly to the router.

I"d really struggle to keep up with what the kids are listening to whilst in China if it weren"t for the Internet Bit bedtime listening

Internet set up at my new place tybg

We don"t have to make up a nonsensical word when Latino is already gender neutral just because strangers on the internet who don"t speak our language, don"t know shit about our gramatics and never go outside believe we should bc they are woke.

I think with some more growth and learning the next generations will be strong minded with more of a foundation to back it up. They"ll get off the internet a bit when they get out of school and talk to real people.

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A lot of pop up messages saying: Buy internet bundle and we double it and you end lying to us, you don"t double. Murababeshyi gusa

Got internet getting hooked up today at new place, plans on getting things setup to begin streaming! Graphics being finalized as we speak : )


Stop looking on the internet nigga

Wut. She got stood up by a coworker too? D: I thought it was the guy who installed her Internet

Woke up with no internet yet again, my isp sucks fucking giraffe dick