Topics: I have an antique cabinet need help?

The factory that made Coppes and or Napanee cabinets also has a long history. It began with a sawmill in 1876 and is still in business today, manufacturing kitchens. The name of the company has changed as personal left the company and partnerships developed or dissolved.

Things to look for in dating a Coppes Napanee
1st-Type of original finish
2nd-Metal tag on the cabinet
3rd-How was the cabinet assembled
4th-Style of flour bin

1st What type of original finish? The earliest cabinets had a clear finish, such as shellac or lacquer. Painting the cabinets did not start until the 1920s. You could still order a cabinet with a clear finish ( or no finish )after the cabinets started to be painted. The use of a clear finish required the use of a better quality of wood in the construction of the cabinets. Oak was the most common exterior wood used in Coppes Cabinets during this clear finish era of cabinet manufacture at Coppes Napanee.

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