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Believe it or not, good communication starts on the first date. Are you speaking clearly, ladies?

Here more :) How do i make my dating profile better POP Communications

Believe it or not, good communication starts on the first date. Are you speaking clearly, ladies?

Thinking about removing Excel as a skill from my resume and LinkedIn profile. Make my new workplace condition no excel allowed.

Certain careers in the medical profession tend to require a master's degree for a reason. Check out these six high-paying health care careers where a master's degree or other graduate study can help you qualify.

Всвязи с некоторым наплывом иностранных товарищей в наше сообщество, с целью узнать как.

I should make my profile picture my face

Sorry. You can always make your profile private or protect your tweets so we “randos” don’t bother you. I’ll help out by blocking

He should make it his online dating profile headline.

While we re thinking about radios, here s another fun little thing rescued from Mom and Dad s downsizing. I don t remember for sure, but kinda think this was probably a bday/xmas gift when I was a kid. (?) K-MART branded AM transistor radio. Made of black plastic in a neato cube style, the radio itself is about 4" on each side and sits about 5" tall on its stand. No model number or mfr s ID to be found, just the words "HONG KONG" on the back side where it opens to put the battery in.

David Agus envisions a new era of preventative medicine based on hard data about what really ails us, and that employs research, genetics and health care designed to stave off disease before it starts. “I want doctors to be more like weather forecasters and not biologists.”

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Dear Twitter owners. Why do you make it impossible to retweet high profile non leftists on your platform. Do you do the same to liberals?

Jobless Make TV Ads Pitching Themselves For Work – AP via Yahoo!News Reading this, a few thoughts came to me: Marketing Communications is perennial. The more things change, the more they stay the same. In this day and age, personal branding has never been so important. Truly before its time: Tom Peter’s “The Brand Called […]

Nick Disabato runs the design agency, where he helps fix leaky revenue with conversion-focused design. But that’s not the topic we are discussing today. Nick is really good at word of mouth marketing, an ideal way of getting new customers. However, word of mouth marketing is also very difficult to leverage and scale. In this episode, Nick shares his tips on getting customers to talk about your business.

Today, relations between EU and Turkey are at an unprecedented low with the former having limited tools to compel the latter to return to a democratic track. Given the close (geo-)political, economic and societal ties, however, allowing relations to standstill and decline further is in the interest of neither the EU nor Turkey.

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