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What Is An Arc Fault Circuit Breaker? - Duur: 0:46.

What Is An Arc Fault Circuit Breaker? - Duur: 0:46.

SINGAPORE: A Malaysian woman was on Tuesday (Oct 10) sentenced to 14 months jail for her part in a conspiracy to make fraudulent insurance claims by staging traffic accidents in Singapore. Rekha Tandaeduban, 28, submitted a total of about S$37,000 in insurance claims for the staged accidents.

Anybody ever have those days where you just wanna stick a fork into a power outlet

The question satire of what? quickly arises. Unless it"s a satire of ahistorical bigotry. Which seems kind of an odd angle for that outlet

I need to find a DEstructive outlet. You know, for all the things I wanna fuck up, but I can’t.

first date and having sex

Twitter is a right-wing media outlet and it is used to surveil you and deliberately feed you disinformation and propaganda.

Inside a washing machine water level transducer. (schematic) - Duur: 9:27.

Last minute outlet shopping with my gals was a success

Do you like to relax with a spinning rod and a fishing rod in your hands? Online store will help you find the best outfit for.

Orange Julius wants "equal time" in the media. Jon Stewart attempts to balance out Colbert's obvious bias, and show Trump some love.

[Gabriel] picked up a GoPro to document his adventures on the slopes and trails of Montreal, but quickly found he was better in front of the camera than behind it. Turns out he’s even better seated behind his workbench, as the completely custom auto-tracking gimbal he came up with is nothing short of a work of art. There’s quite a bit going on here, and as you might expect, it took several iterations before [Gabriel] got all the parts working together. The rather GLaDOS-looking body of the gimbal is entirely 3D printed, and holds the motors, camera, and a collection …read more

Congratulations to Markeith on his purchase of a 2015 Ram 1500! We thank you for your business!

Feeling tired or having lack of energy in the day? Stick a fork in an outlet to recharge.

Congratulations to the Mcallisters on their purchase of a 2014 Kia Sorento! We thank you for your business!

We had quite a few cask swaps in a few weeks ago. So hard when we don’t have an outlet of our own otherwise we could swap more often. ^Gav

It’s a full time hobby there’s no doubt about it but it’s very rewarding and a great outlet for literally any subject