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Yes because what this job market needs is a voting system to determine who should even be able to apply

We first need to determine what "justice" is - and to do that, "some of us" is not enough, it needs to be "all" of us.

AC Speakers’ Corner Sandeep Aujla - Duur: 1:27.

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I"d try to determine what I did to make someone think that I was a white supremacist

Like anyone wants the majority of citizens to determine an election.

Can you determine who"s in your sphere of influence? Are they positive or negative? Which can best help you get to where you want to be?

Земля : Фотография Земли, сделанная 6 июля 2015 года с борта космического аппарата Deep Space Climate.

Life is too precious to let other people"s opinions determine how you perceive yourself. Just live your life!

Hubble delivers prescription daily contact lenses for just $30/month right to your door. If you’re doing the math, that’s half the price of the leading daily brands.

Routine maintenance was just routine, not connected says retailer Argos shoppers who prefer to buy online rather than in-store via the laminated catalogue of dreams were out of luck this morning as the website crashed intermittently and pricing errors showed up.…

Who am I to judge? What will I do if I were in that situation? Can I take a human life? Her plea will determine her future.

Who are you to determine who is a good match or not? and if you supposedly don"t care in real life why you even voicing your opinion?!