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Truck drivers are the lifeblood of the American economy. And the skill it takes to do their job — which is annually tested at a little-known competition — is greater than most people know.

Why do you need to take a selfie if you"ve got a photographer there to take another baby photo? Are we getting an election soon?

And you got a free tour of lower mainland!


Recently got on adm leave from my job because of this felony I caught 2 weeks ago. Now it"s grind mood you feel me ?

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( 09.12.17 ) Finally, got some time with my Munchie! Saranghaeyo, ! I super missed you!

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I have a question why you so handsome? seriously your so cute

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Archaeological and historical literature for complex artifacts dating. Fossils, geology. Tusks of mammoths, elephants and walruses. Fossils (fossils of biological.

Yeah, I got that you were giving it a plug. Phony controversy.

Hoes all in yo whip, Now you got holes all in yo whip!