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Smh I just want someone to make me a playlist is that to much to ask for

If I had a dollar for every time someone made a comment about it being dark around concessions, I"d be so rich I wouldn"t even need my job

I like the Kamiya approach to game design. Do a thing to one character, someone takes offense, do same thing to everyone else out of spite.

It"s not being racist it"s just a opinion nothing was rude if someone doesn"t fw they don"t that"s all

Yea I sent u a fr I"m actually playing someone else rn i can play later

2 - Lots of comments on addiction from not only Charleston"s mayor, but the father of someone addicted to drugs and a recovering alcoholic.

It"s a bad religion to be in love with someone who could never love you.

America is so shocked when someone opens fire on a politician but can"t fathom why a police officer would murder an unarmed, innocent man

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Someone please come over tomorrow while these random people take a piece furniture from me. Not trying to die

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Someone offers to let you use a food stamp card, but u knw they kids haven"t eaten more than tater tots Sunny D all week, you taking it?

Theres always gonna be a way for someone to get a gun even if they"re all illegal. But hey good thing we have safety pins and safe spaces.

Здесь вы сможете задать бесплатный вопрос ФМС России по любым вопросам, например.

A ‘SEXUAL monster’ who stuck needles into the genitals of his victims after convincing them they needed to be tested for radiation poisoning was told he deserves to “rot in hell” as he was sentenced to 13-and-a-half years in prison.

A quote by someone"s mother at the car wash lol