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April 17th will be absolutely a memorial date for a truly Radiohead fan in Peru. We wait for so long and now we are anxious to see you guys live

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Now she wanna know who i have a date with

Now that tea is over and seeing as this Friday looks like the day people get to ask their crushes out for a meal, which single man is crushing on me out there? Admittedly, I am an expensive dinner date, we"ll go Dutch. You must love sushi though.

“He couldn’t buy a date in high school” says a coworker re: Matt Lauer

Do you hear me!!!!!!! It’s a date already okay??

Hubby and I are off on a midweek date night - trying out the Real Deal, a booklet of vouchers for movies, dinner, drinks, spa treatments and ice creams that"s only R199 and gives you a saving of up to R249!

Every picture I"ve seen of Harry Meghan has each of them wearing those grins you see on people who just had a successful first date and still can"t quite believe they"ve got a second coming up. They"re adorable together and Andrew Tate can fuck off.

I don"t speak Spanish but I am working on a Spanish reality show where two people go on a blind date and I am rooting for this one middle aged couple who have so much chemistry that they make me giggle like a school girl whenever the camera pans out to their table.