Topics: How to not get caught after curfew?

All my status as a rape survivor does is add one more layer to who I am as a human being. For the millions of women who are coming forward with their experiences, we cannot forget that they also want to still take risks, that they still deserve to be supported in taking a leap of faith, in feeling loved and getting to love someone else. We have to change the conversation because if we don’t, we’ll be failing the women across the world who’ve survived this epidemic.

― The Democratic Party romped to victories across the country Tuesday, gaining key state legislative seats, two governorships and full control of the state government of New Jersey, where they’ll have wide power to enact their agenda.

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First date idea: let’s flip through my old high school yearbooks while you tell me how ugly everyone was except for me

Ok so anyone got any dating tips? Like how do i find someone to date? What do i do when i find someone? WILL i FIND SOMEONE?!?

Goddamn, how many outfit changes are we going to have on this date?!

How about this evening? /laughs. Hold yourself there! The date is getting closer anyway, prepare yourself too really well! /smiles.