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Amberlough audiobook full & book pdf - Duur: 5:30.

Yoooo how can a nigga cop one a these

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Wtf! How can a baby hippo be a cop

Problem was the cop didn"t know how to control the situation and gave conflicting orders. Caused a man to lose his life.

In other words, no matter how poorly trained a cop is, is there a reason that a civilian should murder him/her?

That"s how we always done it is a cop out. Make money yes. But make connections and build relationships.

How do I request the bodycam footage of my brother showing a cop like 20 empty recreational marijuana containers?

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Even if a Cop made such a claim, how does it become BJP Policy?

Tell me how I got pulled over ln, cop thought I was drunk driving. Absolutely not sir.

Yo how do them new tees fit? They a little larger/smaller or true to size?? Def need to cop one