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"The best part about this story is the old bigot she unseated will die knowing he was dethroned by the very people he sought to subjugate. That's some sweet justice."

Challenge 1: delete a worker in Dynamics AX “7” aka “Dynamics 365 for Operations” in the table browser Create a worker under Human resources > Workers > Employees. Now try to delete it. If you ever touched the Project setup settings etc of the employee, a message appears announcing that a “Worker cannot be deleted while dependant Resources.

Council didn’t tell them what to do, it was an invite. Motion is on city website

No! An NVZ is only concerned with nitrates, and puts restrictions on what farm businesses can do with N. An N budget just measures flows within Scotland. "Budget" is not a useful term.

Keeh kuraany. Every good thing comes to an end. And every shitty thing lives on.

Inspired by FileZilla, the free FTP client, SPFileZilla allows you to browse and manage SharePoint as if it were an FTP Server (download/upload/delete/rename).

Steve, you have been an eloquent and sane voice this past year for me and I commend your courage in the face of this scourge on.

The bus route has been opened up to private vehicles to ease congestion following an accident on the Beetham Highway.

Help, discussion and lots of sample scripts on using Windows PowerShell to configure and manage Microsoft SharePoint 2010

All things about Message Analyzer and related diagnosis for Networks Traces, Log files, and Windows Event Tracing (ETW) Components

I am the JV coach at Grace Bible College in Grand Rapids, MI. We are having The Office theme night for our game on Nov. 16th, would love to have one of you be an honorary assistant coach for our game!

Some code I was writing for Azure gave me an excellent opportunity to discuss the differences between IEnumerable T and IQueryable T and explain many of the terms you’ll see in literature about LINQ providers. Understanding these issues will help you leverage both types to the fullest.

Being an adult: falling asleep on the couch at 10:15, not remembering how you got into bed, never showered or took makeup off, woke up at 720am to shower, I got almost 10 hours sleep and I’m still exhausted