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Pigbag - Papa's got a brand new pigbag (12" Mix)

I charge people for song ideas now and verses. Last person I did a free verse for. They got a bunch of hype and didn"t give me credit for hook creation and verse concepts.

Yes! I love Hook! Glad they got they happy ever after

My best friend got a boo thats willing to buy her a new weave and new clothes and she trynna be independent. BITCH IF YOU DON"T GET THAT MONEY AND GIVE IT TO ME BEFORE I HOOK YOU!

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Yo you got me hook on some good shit

Yay, I just bought Splatoon 1 after the physical version got broken. Now I have the digital one and I play online again on it. If you ever want to splat on either Splatoon 1 or 2 hook me up! :D

Just got a OLED 4K HDR tv and xbox one x. Also, Gears 4 and Halo 5. So I"ll probably hook it up to my PC and play C64 games :- )

Got the kids anyway lad. Hook up Sunday if u wanna come shout abuse at a pub tele with me?

Hi Clare. Got blog? Aware it"s a very personal reflection. If need broader social/policy context or a different newsier hook I am happy to revisit. Whatever you need. Have a great weekend!

Why the hell did the beat and Drake hook for Still Got It go to Tyga. Tyga wasnt completely wack at this point but it should"ve been given to someone else. Wale, J.Cole etc.

He bought whatever she was selling hook line and sinker. Some guys are just vulnerable that way. They don"t have a strong sense of self and feel uplifted when a female pays attention to him. He got pulled in good - just like you said.

Hook it up like you got hooked up, some of us can"t even right now : (

Jog on eh. Has somebody been staying up late watching football factory again? Does somebody wanna be Danny Dyer when they grow up? Have you just got your first Stone Island jumper? Bless ya.

Be very careful with these people who say they have flight hook ups. I almost just got scammed. Sometimes the easy way out, or cheapest way. Isn"t the way out. Folks are slick af out here. So if you don"t have money for expensive flights, get ya ass on Priceline, or wait!