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Dating isn’t about data. It isn’t about algorithms. It isn’t about how many friends you have in common, or whether you want a boy or a girl or no kids at all, it isn’t about how tall someone is or the color or their hair, and it isn’t about finding the one.

There is no proof or anything as far as sleeping with anyone as far as dating he said he dated a girl that was 17-18 again 38 years ago

Guilty for What? Dating 3 adults, and the 14 year old ( now 54 ) worked for the Clinton campaign. Even she said there was no skin on skin touch. This was a character assassination.

No shit bruh are you dating me?

I’M a Celebrity excitement is growing as TWO more celebrities were seen jetting into Australia ahead of their stint in the jungle. Hollyoaks’ Jamie Lomas and former footie ace Dennis Wise were snapped as they landed in Oz. Jamie was beaming as he headed out of the Brisbane airport loaded with luggage. The Sun revealed […]

The man admits to dating 16 and 17 year old girls when he was younger. Is it a big stretch to think he dated a 14 year old? No

Yes. The “dating” is no longer a useful term unless you are a scientist. If you don’t connect with your own vibration they won’t either.

Consumption patterns? Dating is easy. Just never mention politics, interests, passions, pretend you have no discernment, hide your true self at all costs and get extremely drunk. Easy.

If someone said you dated a 13-year old and you didn"t, you"d say no , not I don"t remember dating any girl without the permission of her mother