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Also a Sessions. The serial predator doesn"t matter to anyone but Hollywood.What about Clinton, Obama etc. crimes?deepstate going after POTUS

One dude dropped a “why doesn’t this happen to guys?” about sexual harassment in Hollywood. I then referred to Tom Cruise and Jeremy Renner.

It"s a dying industry, do we prefer if the whole company tanks in one shot? Granted it doesn"t sound like they did it with tact, but that could just be employees embellishing.

Okay, and? Recovery doesn"t happen quickly, especially when it"s an island and the infrastructure is destroyed.

How the fuck do you have to ask other people whether it"s a deal breaker that the man in your life doesn"t wash properly?

I have a question that needs answering, if a restaurant doesn"t have tater tots how the fuck are they going to have nachos?

This week's Great Books podcast is on Beowulf, with Prof. Patricia Bart of Hillsdale College. We talk about monsters and stuff.

A real estate mogul that doesn’t understand stocks? How stupid does CNN think we are? Just more crap news from the Crap News Network!!!

Happy Burger, in the heart of San Juan’s Santurce district, struggles to survive without electricity or refrigeration after Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico.

Hey re Amzn New hq- when you say the Lehigh valley doesn’t have a major research institution , what do you call Lehigh Univ?

It s become something of a habit for Trump to show up at White House events, say a few words, and then forgetting to sign the documents he s supposed to sign.

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Maybe if you didn’t take a week off of work, lol. Super whack that power level doesn’t matter in IB. What’s the point?

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It doesn"t matter if anyone else thinks it"s a uniform, I like it. That may be sad to you but I Like it. Who created this stigma anyway ?

Адрес магазина:
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096 333 10 33, 095 789 94 86
пн.-пт. 9:30 - 19:00
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Гардероб ребенка, а особенно новорожденного малыша, должен состоять исключительно из качественных и практичных вещей, которые дарили бы его маленькому владельцу чувство комфорта вне зависимости от погодных условий и температурного показателя на улице.

So wait till we get struck than strike back? Doesn’t sound like an American talking, more like a Canadian?

Doesn"t have a real job to do?

Speaking of throwing up - Is there anyone who doesn"t believe they"re going to give Susan Sarandon a spot?