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Ed Sheeran - Bibia Be Ye Ye // LYRICS - Duur: 2:48.

Ed Sheeran - Bibia Be Ye Ye // LYRICS - Duur: 2:48.

The subject of this post isn’t new to returning visitors to the Chateau. The archives include a deep cut about “Sick Game“. Over the years, I’ve continued noticing that my seductive prowess and pickup success, for reasons that had eluded me until I dedicated an orphan neuron to solving the riddle, were inexplicably better during […]

I"m getting very confused. Matched with 9 girls whilst at a Pride event. Met 1 who I"m not overly interested in. Others live miles away.

I"m not. I been told you you was gonna miss it

Heck yea I"m proud of myself because I"m also getting gains. It"s been a good 4 months I"m not even close to my fitness goals yet.

Been home since the 26th and still have trouble going to sleep just because I"m not up under baybay

My only relief is to sleep. When I"m sleeping, I"m not sad, I"m not angry, I"m not lonely, I"m nothing.Jillian Medoff

Hmm, , , I"m not sure how well my family will take hey I"m a girl now also your surname doesn"t work well with my name so I have a new one

I"m not sure but I think I was just standing in line behind

I"m not a gaming booth cashier, Spock, just an old country doctor.

The cataclysmic event is retold through the stories and families of those who escaped. Plus: Citizen Jane: Battle for the CityAssad has gone back to see his childhood home and he’s not finding the experience easy. “I can’t help crying,” he says. I know, Assad: I can’t drive past my old house. Too many ghosts, voices and smells from the past. Plus the new owners are bound to have done something wrong, like cut down my favourite tree or something. Related: ‘The wounds have never healed’: living through the terror of partition Continue reading.

I"m not ganna fuck that one week shit